Hey I'm Nabil

This is my story


I’m Nabil. I’m a product designer Based in

📍 Rabat, Morocco


I work as a product designer at Gemography, who helped me integrate Mckinsey team in building products. I like to build stuff, care about how it looks, feels, behaves and how it solves the user problem.

Let me share a bit about my journey and why I think we might be a great match.

Trust that the dots will somehow connect

Steve Jobs

My Story

⦿ 2017, Discovering how a website is made

It all started in high school, I was veery interested in how to make websites, it looked soo interesting to me, by 2017, I had started to discover that there is something called HTML, CSS, I was baaad at that but covered it with some of my skills in photoshop, I used to upload pre-designed pictures, stack them and call it a website.

⦿ 2018-2020, Software engineering

2018 & 2020, College years, My god haha I was convinced that I want to be a developer then, started studing Software engineering at ESTS, all I remember now is me skipping all the Java, C# and PLSQL classes, but there is one class that i was enjoying a lot: TheUX class.

⦿ COVID, Switch to design, Joining YStudio

A little bit later, the COVID came, and this was huge shift in my journey, I had time to think, refine my focus, and dive more into UI, brand and UX design.

I was very active in design communities in Morocco, which opened new doors for me, I joined YStudio as a Graphic Designer.

July 2021: My social media presence helped me again, and found a freelance opportunity as a Brand Designer with Mos’art. Our creations stood out, bold and beautiful.

When you put yourself at uncomfortable moments, you find alot about yourself.

usualy you find that you are capable of rising to that bar that's set by the uncomfortable situation.

J Cole

⦿ 2022, full-time product designer

March 2022, Sobrus took a chance on me, zero real experience but lots of talent and skills.

Those two years? A masterclass in growth, responsibility, and pushing the boundarises of my capabilities.

Put something back

Steve Jobs

⦿ Community work, the more you give the more you get

During my time at Sobrus, I got deeply involved in community work

—I started the Blueprint Community, created the Blueprint Drafts newsletter, and joined many design groups. Helping others grow has been incredibly rewarding for me too.

This experience introduced me to Yassine, the CEO of Gemo.

Now, working with Gemo and the McKinsey Product team, we aim to transform how products are made and used, our focus is on Retail for now.

There is a bunch more I would love to talk about, let's connect!