💰 The bank of trust

Jul 5, 2023

Relationships in general are very complex,

And your relationship as a designer with the team & and stakeholders is the same as any other relationship

— intangible, fragile, hard-earned, and easily lost by nature.

I've often spoken about self-awareness as a superpower, and diving into this new concept called “The Bank of Trust" from "Articulating Design Decisions" just adds to that thought.

It's like a new way to see how trust works in relationships. It's not just about getting along but also understanding ourselves better and building strong bonds with our teams. but also a tool for self-awareness.

I remember this one time I did a design that was pretty much a copy of another one. Eventually, the client found out and wasn't happy. I was short on time and just went with something I liked. I know, not the best move. But that mistake felt like I took something out of our trust account, it was a withdrawal from our bank of trust.

This book has been an eye-opener. made me see the little things we do every day, either adding to or taking away from the trust we have with others. It's a reminder of how fragile trust is and how we need to work on it constantly.