🗺️ Should I plan or just go with the flow

Feb 5, 2023

It’s been technically 3 years since I started working professionally...

Honestly, it's been crazy since 2020, working my head off hahaha, playing RANKED with no chill.

The weirdest thing in my life, especially at work, is how I progress from step to step. Let's start from the first thing, when I got my high school diploma, I never imagined myself going to study something like software engineering, yes, but I was always the first one interested in anything tech-related in my circle.

However, studying in ESTS was somewhat a coincidence among the things I say God has written for me.

After the ESTS, I never imagined myself going into graphic design, but I found myself working in a marketing agency as a graphic designer. This didn't satisfy me because I was just doing what I told, not creating stuff, which is why I started organizing myself and looking for freelance work in brand design because it involves some strategy and thinking, which suits me well. Anyway, I worked as a freelance brand designer and strategist, for a good amount of time.

After that, I wanted some more again; I wasn't satisfied with what I was doing. I wanted more, but I didn’t know what that "more" was, nor did I know what the next step was or where I wanted to go!

—- To be continued