📜 Approach to Work #01 - Designers in early-stage startups

Jun 19, 2024

As a designer in an early-stage startup, your job is not to think about everything.

You're often going from 0 to 1, meaning anything you do is a plus.

🔹 So, what you should focus on is:
1. Creating good foundations (like a basic design system). Don’t overly invest in covering all patterns and features, as these will definitely be experimented with a lot.
2. Trusting your intuition and product sense (Focus on developing this).
3. It's healthy to challenge, push back, and debate with people around you to find common ground to move forward.

🔹 The most important things are:
1. Trying to understand the problem you're working on.
2. Designing first drafts of your ideas.
3. Getting feedback and iterating.

The goal is to progress quickly, every day, week, and month, all for the sake of finding PMF (Product-Market Fit).

Along the way, you'll start to gather data that you can use when the startup starts to grow.