Bridging Artists and Investors, Simplifying Artists Income Management


2 Months






User stories


Executive presentations

Dev Hand-off


👨🏻‍💻 Product/UX Designer

In this case study, I'm going to demonstrate the discovery phase and how we started this project focusing on building an MVP as fast and efficiently as we can. I'll also walk you through my process of understanding the problem, Product thinking and designing high-quality designs.


Clarty Story

This project is a brave step into the U.S. music industry, aimed at solving problems and bringing in new ideas. It began with the aim to attract investors and quickly moved from just an idea to reality. The focus is on quick development and making things that users will like.

The problem

The primary challenge is efficiently managing diverse income streams for artists, who receive payments from multiple sources like rights organizations, record labels, publishers, and digital platforms, each with different data formats and legal intricacies, and lacking standardized API capabilities for data integration.

Discovery Phase

We started by meeting with Clarty's founder, who has a lot of experience in the U.S. music industry. His background and Clarty's story helped shape our project's plan.

User Research: A Glimpse into Our User Needs

With the notes from user interviews given by the founder, we learned a lot. Even though we didn't have much time, these first discoveries were key in helping us focus on what users need.

Product Thinking

Brainstorming: Ideation to Implementation

We engaged in intensive brainstorming sessions. These workshops, fueled by rapid sketching and creative discussions, transformed abstract ideas into tangible user stories.

Takeaways & Reflection…

Working on the Clarty project taught me a lot about handling different ways artists earn money, especially when the information comes in various formats. I learned how to be more adaptable and solve problems better. This project showed me how we can make things easier for artists to manage their income and highlighted how important good design is in making a real difference.